Monday, November 17, 2008

Stress Management..

1. Take frequent breaks from work - If you are working too hard, ensuring that you take a few minutes off every other hour is a good idea. Make sure that during the break time you do not discuss work with anyone and just sit back and close your eyes for ten minutes. Such short breaks are extremely recuperating. Initially you may feel uneasy since you have pending work lying on the table but if you learn to relax you will find that you are far more efficient after the break.

2. Reduce caffeine intake - Caffeine is a stimulant and even though it may seem that it helps you fight stress situations by keeping you more alert and ready, it is harmful in the long run. Don't resort to a cup of coffee in each break that you have. Opt for green tea in case you need to drink something.

3. Learn to say no - There are some people who just cannot say 'no' when they are asked for help. There are others still who seem to have a habit of steeping forward and taking on more work than they can possibly achieve at a specific time. Just because you feel that you can achieve something does not mean that you should take it on personally. After all there are only a certain number of hours in a day and you do need to adjust sleeping time, relaxation time and time for yourself and family in the same number of hours.

4. Exercise - Releasing some of the pent up energy that you have aids in relaxing the body and mind. Not only is exercise good for stress reduction, it keeps you in shape as well and makes you feel better about yourself. Exercise for about half an hour in the morning can leave you fresh and geared up to face the challenges of the day. The same time spent in the evening can help you get a good night's sleep.

5. Ensure adequate sleep - A sleep deprived person cannot perform in an optimized manner. There are obvious lapses that are likely to take place and these lapses at work or at home create situations that cause further stress. An eight hour sleep routine is a 'must', no matter the amount of work that you have pending!

6. Have fun - Sometimes we get so bogged down with the schedules and circadian of daily life that we forget to have fun. Laughter is indeed the best medicine for any issue and that holds for stress too. Try and watch movies and shows that are funny. Even slapstick comedy can engulf you in throws of laughter; something that is beneficial for your mental state and physical health.

7. Spend time with friends - Ensure that you take out some time for your friends. Speaking to people whom you can confide in is a great stress reliever. All of us have at some point or another felt easy after downloading a painful, irritating or frustrating event onto a friend.

8. Meditation - Meditation helps you to stay grounded and live in the moment. Majority of the stress that body encounters is not due to the situation as such but how we perceive it. Different people may react differently to a stressful situation. When you meditate regularly, you tend to develop lot of insight and a detached attitude. As a result, things that used to cause lot of stress earlier, may seem frivolous to you. As a result, you tend to become more calm and relaxed.

9. Eat well - A healthy body is more capable of handling stress than a fatigued or ailing body. Ensure that you consume a balanced diet and avoid indulging in fast foods and other foods that add to the toxicity of the body. Other than the quantity and quality of the food, the manner in which you consume food is also important. Ensure that you eat slowly and in a relaxed state of mind.

10. Adopt a hobby - Hobbies can be a great way to relieve stress. They are activities that you can do without the constant fear of someone evaluating you or being critical of you (as may be the case at work). While hobbies like listening to music and reading will take your mind of your worries, creative hobbies like painting, gardening and the like can help in increasing your self esteem too.

Stress is like a leaking tap. The earlier you attend to it, the better. Leaving it unattended will only make the matter worse. Sincerely following some, if not all of the above techniques is guaranteed to reduce your stress levels and prevent further complications.

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